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Blacklisted by History  by  M. Stanton Evans  
Ann Coulter of Creators Syndicate: "The greatest book since the Bible."  
Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy
and His Fight Against America's Enemies

In 2001 veteran journalist and author M. Stanton Evans began research for his groundbreaking book, Blacklisted by History. Published in November of 2007 he reveals the overwhelming, irrefutable and convincing evidence of a relentless Communist drive to penetrate our U.S. government, and of their Soviet White House Cabal. The Red United States Communist Conspiracy happened and Joseph McCarthy was right after all.

In this article we first discuss the idea of "conspiracy." Then we share the truth about "McCarthyism" available through book commentaries, book descriptions, and editorial reviews from Amazon.combecause it is disturbing for Americans to remain in the dark about our red-scare history and reality. But the term "McCarthyism" can no longer be a metonymic term for "witch hunts."
We know why authors write with a detached air. We see the environment of scholars that brings praise for preserving a lack of sentiment. But correcting such enormously false and cruel disservice to McCarthy commands a "shout," not for the sake of McCarthy, but in a clear message for our American well-being. Network's "We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it any more," is the proper response to the MSM blackout of news coverage regarding this book, Blacklisted by History.

Today zombie legions mock the mere idea of a conspiracy by derisively labeling the sound questioning of startling incongruities as "making up conspiracies theories." The goal of such propaganda is to stifle free speech and the search for Truth, via their Alinsky method of ridicule. They are afraid that the truth can set us free.

Conspiracy exists for Department of Industry and Commerce Export Compliance officials when two or more people talk about ways to get around the law. Not a steep nor an impossible-to-imagine threshold level, is it. Some refer to the American revolution from England as a conspiracy, so we no longer ought to ignorantly think that "conspiracy" means "fantasy." 
Varys and Tyrion
Kingslaying is an old profession, and is not at all rare. Kingslaying is often the conspiracy to kill the head of state. Conspiracy is not impossible. To ridicule the mere idea of conspiracy is complete nonsense and the jabber of deficient and lazy public school educations. And such ridicule is the drone propaganda of an enemy matrix controling our nation's media industrial complex.

Scientists formulate theories to organize investigations. The beginning steps toward discovering new information includes the formulation of theories. Thinking people formulate theories.

To tell others they need to stop formulating theories is to tell people to stop thinking, and that is the evil to be most fiercely resisted, the self-censure of thinking and investigation!            
                                                                 ~Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand has warned us against this dangerous force of mediocrity because it is dangerous for our society and culture when we do not value thinking. The path to great ideas is brainstorming unfettered by Alinsky students of ridicule and ignorance. Throw off the chains and unshackle minds. No more collective or group. Ingenuity is so Yankee. 
McCarthy warned us of the Soviet penetration of our government, and it happened precisely as McCarthy contended. Our U.S. leadership covered up the shadow government conspiracy. Today only a bumpkin, or worse, would use the term "McCarthyism" to mock. We must face the reality with its flagrant loyalty risks working within the U.S. government.

As this commentary states:

"...we should focus on the matrix ... employed against the United States ... that condone{s} not only appeasement on the international scale, but locally as well."
We should question the use of voting machines that process in Spain. Spain, our historical arch rival who wiped Roanoke off the face of America not so long ago.
"... folks, pay attention to even the most parochial of mandates and civil exceptions."
" The matrix" is a delicious term for enemies within like "Occupy America," who harken to their call from foreign, {global}... magazines. We ignore this matrix at our own peril since we recall how "Senate hearings ... casually dismissed ... the matter of ...Owen Lattimore, the Annie Lee Moss case, the Army-McCarthy hearings, and much more ..." 
The blackout of news coverage to herald the epic revelations in Stanton's book about our actual history demands close scrutiny. The vindication of the most dramatic conspiracy theorist, Joe McCarthy, reveals pernicious forces that continue to distort our vision.

This past five-year blackout arouses suspicion about the loyalty to our interests of enemies in our media. Wthout doubt many in our country and media are a part of a matrix of "enemies within."
Knowing our true history transforms our society. And our language usage can be rectified by becoming informed. Conspiracy is simply not impossible nor at all rare.

The Soviet penetration of our government happened. The truly evil smear of Joseph McCarthy built up a false, backward, ignorant, and danger-riddled culture. America the bold and brave needs to be freed by the Truth.

Introduction Commentary
"This brilliant, meticulous, heavilly documented book by Stanton Evans is about much more than Joseph McCarthy, great patriot that he was, as is amply demonstrated herein. And anyone who doesn't come away from this book with the belief that McCarthy was indeed a great warrior and patriot, hasn't bothered to read it in its entirety.
Just as important, it presents a picture of Washington politics during WWII and the early cold war, and provides an insightful and intimate view of the extent to which the FDR and Truman administrations were riddled by the penetration of top soviet agents at the highest levels.

Evans presents some compelling, but as yet incomplete evidence, that soviet agents in both Washington and Japan worked tirelessly to make the US and Japan buy into the inevitability of war between the two countries, thus facilitating WWII.
Moreover, Evans documents the extent to which these gullible presidents ignored security issues, the extent to which they sold out China, the Balkans, and all of Eastern Europe to communist Russia, under the influence of some of their trusted advisers who were known, even at the time by the FBI as Evans shows, as top soviet agents working directly for Moscow.
The FBI's findings were subsequently confirmed in the Venona decrypts when made public, and Evans concludes that the FBI was definitely effective in gathering the evidence that many in the State Department were agents for Moscow at the time, although FDR and Truman ignored and denigrated Hoover's findings, even in the case of the Truman administration, trying to blame the FBI for not briefing them when McCarthy and others made the information public.
McCarthy was able to bring much of this information before the Senate in hearings, before the powers in and out of the Truman and Eisenhower Administrations ultimately destroyed him, thus alerting most Republicans and many Democrats to the seriousness of the soviet penetration of all levels of government (although the Eisenhower administration was unconscionably hostile to McCarthy).
Listening to McCarthy in Wisconsin
As Evans sums up, "It's a remarkable but generally neglected fact that EVERY major McCarthy investigation in the period 1953-54 resulted in some significant change in governmental practice (p. 604)."
The lying tactics used by Truman especially attempted to cover up the fact that the State Department was not only run by communists (Hiss, Vincent, Service, and dozens of others, and White, Adler, Coe and others in Treasury), but the Secretary of State, General George C. Marshall, and Under Secretary Dean Acheston appear to have been either communists, communist sympathizers, or useful idiots.
For example, Truman was repeatedly warned about White, Hiss, Robert Oppenheimer, Service and other top soviet spies by the FBI, as is minutely documented in this book, but he completely ignored the warnings.
Whether Oppenheimer passed Atomic secrets to the Soviets is another detailed book that still needs to be written, as far as I know.
A speech that Acheson gave on Jan 12, 1950, literally invited the communist North Koreans to invade South Korea, which they did on June 25, 1950, thus beginning a "police action" as Truman called it, that resulted in the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.
In this context, and with much of the evidence Evans makes public for the first time, a re-evaluation of the McArthur-Truman showdown, and the context in which it took place during the Korean "police action" is in order.
Rare Glimpse Inside North Korea Today
Evans documents specific communists and their written comments, who were able to shape the Truman state department, such as Prof. Owen Lattimore (and earlier the FDR administration) to "pull off" these enormous land and people "give aways" to the communists world wide, leading to over  ~ 100 million deaths attributed to communists before the fall of the Soviet Union.
The tactics used against McCarthy are documented in this book in great detail, and provide some of the best evidence available of the treasonous deceptions of some in the Democratic Party seventy years ago, which are the same strategies as used by the Marxists who control the party today.
Nothing has changed - except that the lies are bigger, and more and more of the American Public is "too busy," too ignorant, or too lazy to learn what's going on.
Even conservatives who have suspected or known some of the information presented by Evans for over half a century will find this book stunning in its revelations. It will open eyes and teach lessons well worth knowing for today's world.
Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder strongly support continued progress of students who are or are presumed to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in our nation’s public K-12 schools. Too bad they don't feel strongly about reading, writing , mathematics, science and history. Instead they are fascinated with the State dictating to the church.
Far from being "Old News" as the marxists are trying to argue {regarding} the publication of this book, it contains such detailed facts, never-before-published-for-the-general-public, that there are literally more than 600 pages power-packed with new information. I can't recommend it too highly."

[By the way, Jarrett was brought in to manage the fact that Holder lied to Congress.]

The Key is Government Documents:
"Evans aims to give empirical proof that those Senator McCarthy accused of spying for the Soviet Union in the 1950s were guilty of it:, e.g. two decades of House and Senatorial memos, 1930's Congressional spy investigations, government reports on security, official lists of named security risks, two decades of FBI reports with margin notes, transcripts of FBI wiretaps, notes from political strategy meetings squirreled away in boxes, and so forth.
This pastiche of evidence plays the devil with the book's narrative for the first few chapters. Be that as it may, if one accepts these documents as factual, then one must accept the guilt of those McCarthy accused.
In Evan's view, McCarthy was ... sinned against ... He conducted his inquiries fairly, did not slander, and did not steamroll ... anyone. He was an exceptionally bright, lower-class, self-made man who raced through high school and law college. He was a judge while only in his thirties.
As junior Senator from Wisconsin {at}age 41, he threatened to mortify the White House, Democratic Senate, and State Department with revelations of a "massive" communist penetration of the U.S. government.
Judge McCarthy in June 1942 shortly before he took a leave of absence from
his judicial post and joined the U. S. Marine Corps as a First Lieutenant.
Each threatened institution had enough individual power to poleaxe him. Despite that, the first wave of retribution couldn't touch him, because what he said about communist infiltration was "old news" in Washington circles, and there was years of evidence to prove it.
George Marshall
When Democrats lost the House and the Presidency in 1952, McCarthy alienated Eisenhower by soundly condemning George Marshall for losing China, then going after some of Eisenhower's job nominees as communists sympathizers, which Evans argues they were. By 1954 McCarthy held a tiger by the tail, and it finally ate him, with some Republican help.
Young Richard Nixon
According to Evans, those who brought McCarthy down did to him what legend says he did to others--they smeared him by innuendo, told outrageous lies about him, even deleted or altered sections of Senatorial reports, to make him look not just bad, but horrible.
It worked. Newspaper cartoonists of the day drew pictures of him coming out of sewers walking on his knuckles; {and} Hollywood films have ever since depicted him as a Neanderthal booze-hound . . . hence the title: Blacklisted by History.
Yet, writes Evans, what the junior Senator from Wisconsin charged was practically dead-on correct in nearly every instance. He was being fed information by fed-up government insiders. Interestingly enough, notes Evans, several important items connected to the truth of McCarthy's charges, once in government archives, were removed decades ago. Their titles are still listed, but the documents are gone.
Evans put forth an argument for re-evaluating who and what Joseph McCarthy was. Perhaps most important of all, he suggests that a counterfeit, confabulated story of "McCarthyism" is the dominant one held to this day by popular {ignorant} history." -James November 24, 2010
"This is not a work that we should look back over our shoulders and say, "Well, that's behind us."  Far from our past experience with the Commintern, we should focus on the matrix (or matrices) employed against the United States, and, putting PC far enough up (where the sun don't shine) the political ranks, that condone not only appeasement on the international scale, but locally as well. 
I repeatedly warn folks, pay attention to even the most parochial of mandates and civil exceptions. Evans work is dynamic; eye and thought opening.  
Who McCarthy is and what McCarthy did has been a “closed case” for so long that to send professors back to the drawing boards might lead them into exactly what Stan Evans found: proof that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Soon enough, those who think there’s two ways to feel about McCarthy won’t be laughed out of the classroom anymore ...
Much like Ernesto Miranda, freed from prison for not being read the “Miranda Warning," only to have his eventual killer released without charges ten years later for a procedural problem regarding his Miranda Rights, “McCarthy was a drunk, a crook, and a liar who maintained his waning political career by willfully attacking individuals and organizations that posed no threat to the United States,” writes The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, a publication McCarthy once referred to as “the Pravda of the Prairie” after it opposed both of his bids to the U.S. Senate.

Though he’s been dead and gone since 1957,” M. Stanton Evans begins his book, “...Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy lives on in American legend with remarkable staying powerNot that Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, two eminent critics of McCarthy in the 1950's, are forgotten. It’s just that they don’t come up all the time in squabbles of the modern era. Joe McCarthy does, and then some.” " -David B. O'Connor (Boston, Massachusetts 02115)  February 19, 2012 
"I'd give it six stars if I could. Although the first first part of the book is necessary background material, as soon as it starts with the work done by McCarthy, it reads like a novel. Meticulously researched, well-documented account of what really happened, and disproves the falsehoods perpetrated by partisan enemies. Worth reading twice!" -Batjacboy (CA) February 6, 2012
McCarthy Grade School Group Portrait
Editorial Reviews 
"It takes M. Stanton Evans's meticulous investigative journalism to show what Joe McCarthy's short stay on the national stage really was about (a little under five years, from February 1950 to December 1954)." -Robert Novak, Weekly Standard
"So comprehensive is Evans's research that it will be a foolish historian who does not consult Blacklisted by History when a question arises over some person or event that comes into the McCarthy story." -John Earl Haynes, co-author, Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America
"This book will change forever how you think about Sen. McCarthy and the Soviet penetration of the U.S. government and society."  -Bob McMahan, Foreign Service Journal
"Evans goes through extensive files and transcripts with complete mastery of complex material and an engaging turn of phrase that makes more than 600 pages of painstaking analysis both a triumph of historical scholarship and a gripping detective story." -David Ashton, The Salisbury Review
"Of the hundreds of books on the McCarthy era, Stan Evans has written the best—a nuanced, incredibly detailed work of scholarship." -William Schulz, The American Spectator
Joseph McCarthy in the South Pacific
"In this masterful instant classic, M. Stanton Evans sets out to tell the 'Untold Story of Joe McCarthy' and does so definitively." -Jack Cashill, WorldNetDaily
"This is a master newspaperman at work: digging, interviewing the record, pulling apart and putting together the details of deeds done mostly by the politicians who ran our imperfect national government in the nineteen fifties." -John Willson, Chronicles
"After combing through masses of declassified documents from Congress, the FBI, the State Department and other federal agencies, Stan Evans has produced a masterpiece of truth." -Terry Jeffrey, Human Events
"Evans, a veteran journalist, doesn't shout. He displays, instead, a deadly meticulousness that is, at last, overwhelmingly convincing." -William Rusher, United Features Syndicate
George Marshall
"The most thorough scholarly examination of {McCarthy's} career." -Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy In Media
"Brilliantly documented" -Wes Vernon,
Joseph McCarthy is Best Man, a Marine Captain
"Monumental ... the result of six years of reading primary sources. Evans proves that almost everything about McCarthy in current history books is a lie and will have to be revised.... one of Reagan's old radio commentaries referred to Evans as 'a very fine journalist.'
He is, indeed, but this book shows that he also is a Sherlock Holmes-type detective who chased every clue to find the truth and to write accurate history in elegant prose..... Everyone who henceforth writes about Joe McCarthy will have to check his facts with Evans' documented discoveries." -Phyllis Schlafly, Creators Syndicate
"Evans's lively book seeks, first, to demonstrate that Communists worked, often successfully, to undermine American security during the Cold War. It tries, second, to defend Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the egregious scourge of American Communists and fellow travelers, against those who, in Evans's (The Theme Is Freedom) view, have unjustly ruined his reputation.
On the first point, save for some new details, Evans, a contributing editor to Human Events, treads worn ground. Most scholars, having also used Soviet archives, concede his position and argue now only over secondary matters, like the guilt of Alger Hiss.
Obama Administration Is Giving Away Seven Strategic Islands to Russia
On the second point, Evans has a tougher case, which he seeks to make as a defense attorney would, by conceding nothing to McCarthy's detractors. ...{although} the history Evans relates is already largely known, if not fully accepted."  (Nov. 6) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. -Publishers Weekly
Book Description Excerpts                               Publication Date: November 6, 2007
"Accused of creating a bogus Red Scare and smearing countless innocent victims in a five-year reign of terror, Senator Joseph McCarthy is universally remembered as a demagogue, a bully, and a liar. History has judged him such a loathsome figure that even today, a half century after his death, his name remains synonymous with witch hunts.
Joseph McCarthy Pilot WWII
But that conventional image is all wrong, as veteran journalist and author M. Stanton Evans reveals in this groundbreaking book. The long-awaited Blacklisted by History, based on six years of intensive research, dismantles the myths surrounding Joe McCarthy and his campaign to unmask Communists, Soviet agents, and flagrant loyalty risks working within the U.S. government. Evans’s revelations completely overturn our understanding of McCarthy, McCarthyism, and the Cold War.

Drawing on primary sources—including never-before-published government records and FBI files, as well as recent research gleaned from Soviet archives and intercepted transmissions between Moscow spymasters and their agents in the United States—Evans presents irrefutable evidence of a relentless Communist drive to penetrate our government, influence its policies, and steal its secrets. Most shocking of all, he shows that U.S. officials supposedly guarding against this danger not only let it happen but actively covered up the penetration. All of this was precisely as Joe McCarthy contended.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Blacklisted by History shows, for instance, that the FBI knew as early as 1942 that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the atomic bomb project, had been identified by Communist leaders as a party member; that high-level U.S. officials were warned that Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy almost a decade before the Hiss case became a public scandal; that a cabal of White House, Justice Department, and State Department officials lied about and covered up the Amerasia spy case; and that the State Department had been heavily penetrated by Communists and Soviet agents before McCarthy came on the scene.
"I have here in my hand  . . . "
Evans also shows that practically everything we’ve been told about McCarthy is false, including conventional treatment of the famous 1950 speech at Wheeling, West Virginia, that launched the McCarthy era “I have here in my hand . . .," the Senate hearings that casually dismissed his charges, the matter of leading McCarthy suspect Owen Lattimore, the Annie Lee Moss case, the Army-McCarthy hearings, and much more.

But as Evans writes, “The real Joe McCarthy has vanished into the mists of fable and recycled error, so that it takes the equivalent of a dragnet search to find him.
Blacklisted by History provides the first accurate account of what McCarthy did and, more broadly, what happened to America during the Cold War. It is a revealing exposé of the forces that distorted our national policy in that conflict and our understanding of ... history since.
If you studied postwar history in college, chances are you’ve come across the name of Senator Joe McCarthy once or twice. But as Robert Novak explained in his review of Blacklisted by History for "The Weekly Standard," one need not attend college or study history to know about Joe McCarthy’s {alleged} bad deeds. All you have to do is turn on the T.V. or pick up a reference book.
McCarthyism,” Novak writes, “ is ingrained in the contemporary political lexicon, used so frequently – by conservatives as well as liberals – that it is no longer necessary to define its meaning.” {This is changing.} For all he does to Joe McCarthy from history’s “blacklist,” M. Stanton Evans would not assume to argue that McCarthy’s importance in the post World War II order has been overstated, so much as it’s been misunderstood {understatement}.
That  ...  type of sentiment is precisely what Evans attempts to address. Anyone who’s had to do a project that necessitated reliance upon grandparents or those elderly enough to be grandparents knows our elders can offer the type of perspective no dry, detached history book can offer. That “I remember where I was when…” perspective ... is so different in its insight than books myopically focused on the top figures in national politics.

Evans not only “remembers were he was” when history was happening around him – and, at 73, he’s seen a lot – but he was the one writing the news as it happened, not to mention training young writers in the craft.

Writes Novak, “The jacket blurb says it took over six years to write "Blacklisted," but… Evans has spent his whole career thinking about Joe.” Evans, founder and longtime director of the National Journalism Center – since assumed by Young America’s Foundation and on the tail end of its 30th year training upstart conservative journalists – is a consummate researcher and fluid writer, and something of a legend in conservative Washington.
J. Edgar Hoover's Body Lies in State in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol 1972.
He worked for eight different presidents.
He’s one of the few people who writes like he talks and talks like he writes – with flair, depth, and necessarily at length. Evans is that rare person whose knowledge will never be fully shared with the world. No matter how much he writes, or how many writers he trains, or how many tall tales he tells, there’s just too much there to truly take full advantage...
In the end, it is with the Capital Times of the world that Evans’ painstakingly-crafted arguments will get the least traction. Having felt McCarthy’s power in a way only someone who “remembers where they were” could, there’s no amount of documents the FBI could ever declassify that would cause them to view the man differently or his work as necessary, let alone laudable. ...but before long, "Blacklisted by History" will make its way onto postwar American History reading lists." -From the Hardcover Edition

About the Author
M. Stanton Evans is the author of seven books, including The Theme Is Freedom. A contributing editor at Human Events, he served for many years as director of the National Journalism Center. Evans was previously the editor of the Indianapolis News, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and a commentator for CBS and Voice of America. He lives near Washington, D.C.
A Visual Biography, 1908-1957 
"May 2nd marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, who for four years in the early 1950s, held the nation in his grasp with his anti-Communist rhetoric. To his enemies, McCarthy was evil incarnate, but to his supporters, he was an ardent champion of freedom.

Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1946, Joseph McCarthy created a sensation in 1950 when he announced during a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, that communist members of the State Department were influencing American foreign policy.

At the time, communist expansion in Eastern Europe and Korea fueled Americans' anxiety that their way of life was under attack. Proclaimed just as Americans were preparing to fight in Korea, McCarthy capitalized on people's fears of encroaching communism to launch a public campaign aimed at eliminating the supposed communist infiltration of government.
Re-elected in 1952, McCarthy, as chair of a Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee, took it upon himself to expose communists and their sympathizers throughout all of American cultural and political life. The Subcommittee interrogated more than 500 people under his leadership, often refusing to reveal their sources of information under the veil of national security.

In 1953, however, McCarthy took it too far when he accused the Army of harboring communists. The televised Army-McCarthy hearings that ensued exposed many Americans to McCarthy's bullying tactics and ruined his public reputation. The next year, the Senate officially censured McCarthy for "conduct unbecoming a senator." His ostracism from his party, coupled with chronic alcoholism, led to his death three years later."
You will get a real history lesson that is very pertinent today, where the liberal media is seeking to rewrite history to try to convince the masses that "evil is good" and "good is evil."
This book is very well written, using facts. Publishers Weekly's review of the book tries to deflect the import of this book by claiming that it is common knowledge that McCarthy was right about the inroads Communism had made into the U.S. government. 
The fact that McCarthy is still today called by Publishers Weekly  "the egregious scourge" proves that what they say is {false}. {Publisher's Weekly} goes so far as to lump Evans into a category of conspiracy theorist ...!?
Buy the book and don't trust Publishers Weekly. They are on the side of the American Communist movement.  
The blackout of news coverage to herald such epic revelations about our actual 'red scare' history demands close scrutiny because the vindication of the most dramatic conspiracy theorist, Joe McCarthy, reveals pernicious forces that continue to distort our society and national understanding of history and our national policies. Much of MSM can properly and fairly be viewed with suspicion.
Democrat Party in Communist, Marxist Control Today
Our next article describes another famous conspiracy, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Conspiracies happened and they happen. New research reveals greater understanding and details in the conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln. Here in our next article you will read in Lincoln's own words who his assassins were. And this information about our own real conspiracy history is relevant to understand our government, country, policies, and elections, even up to this very minute.

Conspiracy is not impossible nor at all rare. The bold and the brave develop theories to initiate investigations. New information and truth is discovered in such investigations. Theories are valuable. Conspiracy theories formulate the first steps in stopping crime, subversives, and sedition. 

Do we want our republic and commerce undermined? If not, we develop conspiracy theories and pursue the investigations they spark. When refusing to formulate theories and investigations for truth, and by taking orders from others our of fear of the collective, we become brain dead zombies, like most members of the Democrat Party. Independence of thought ought to be given our highest value. 

Some refer to the American revolution from England as a conspiracy, so we no longer ought to ignorantly confuse "conspiracy" with the word "fantasy." Conspiracy theories formulate the first steps in investigating criminals, traitors, and impostors. Without investigation one cannot discern the impostors.

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