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Orange Cat that 'Swallowed the Canary' photographed dining with one man among the of hundreds millions who all disbelieved that scalawag Trump, the Hitler guy, could be elected President.


The Democrat Party's welfare state is much less fun with the Obama-welfare, "out-of-order" medical takeover by Washington D.C. 'elites.' Elimination of risk factors means they never offered insurance coverage to a single person. The People owned nothing, and all leverage was stripped from The People.

In a fascist, welfare-dysfunctional medical system there is no such thing as informed consent. And informed consent is vital.
United States of America Twilight Zone
President-Elect Dwight Schrute . . .

What it is like making deals with Trump.

Monday, December 5, 2016


We usually appoint members of our own Party, previous opponents, to high government offices in America because we are not fascist. Governor Romney is poised to be a highly effective Secretary of State. Republicans support the Republic. But Trump has said he is not interested in uniting the Republican Party. This alone is why NO person should have voted for Trump.

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire was the first Republican senator facing a competitive re-election to say she would no longer back Mr. Trump, announcing in a statement that she would write in Mr. Pence for president instead. Ayotte was left out of Trump's cabinet picks.
The truth matters. Gingrich is not truthful in this 2012 GOP Debate. Gingrich was a very vocal critic of Reagan's efforts and of Reagan himself. Gingrich actively opposed Reagan and he did so in ugly, personal assaults as well as in his very public ridicule of Reagan's diplomacy.

Romney once called out Gingrich in their ongoing primary debates. Romney did so with grace. Gingrich had just brazenly asserted he was full-throttle behind a label he'd used on Romney. However, Gingrich already had apologized for using that false label, upon being rebuked for it by Rubio. Clearly Gingrich was at that moment of a GOP debate engaged in his usual poser bluster, his lies for the camera.
Ronald Reagan's son Michael certainly could not disagree more with Newt Gingrich's support of Donald Trump. Trump and Gingrich both wrongfully claim to be Reagan supporters. They LIE. Trump is no Reagan Republican.
Everything Mitt Romney said about Trump March 3, 2016 was true, particularly his prediction that Trump's response to his takedown would be exceptionally sour. Trump's advisers need to take a serious look in the mirror about who was vicious and who was out-of-bounds in the GOP Primary Season. 
Bowing Down is as UnAmerican and Eastern as This Gold Trump Throne
"We all know that Trump meant what we think he meant when he said Mitt would get down on his knees to him." Trump is morally bankrupt, sadistic, and vicious.
Republicans did NOT owe Trump anything after 2012 because Trump blamed losing the Presidency on Republicans being "mean-spirited" toward hispanics. And as one blogger put it, "Hahahahha, remember when Donald Trump blamed Romney's loss on Romney being mean to illegal immigrants?" Trump's anti-hispanic antics this past year? what was that, Conway? The central feature of Trump's campaign is offensive, loud mouthed, and mean-spirited.

Kellyanne Conway claimed Mitt Romney "betrayed" Trump, was a "vicious critic," and that he "hurt Donald Trump." Romney was only the messenger; Trump's  extremely raunchy character and behavior is on him. In political contests candidates are vetted, this is our duty in serving the interests of the People.
"Is Trump sniffling continually because he's a cokehead or no?” asked Amy R.
“I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY,” Fisher responded
In NJ Ivanka's father-in-law, Charles Kushner, was convicted in 2006 by then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and interstate promotion of prostitution. Kushner's crimes involved his donor influence and attempt to have the governor appoint him to the port authority directorship; his crimes and conviction resulted in the resignation of the governor of NJ. [one wonders who supplied  prostitutes to Ivanka's father-in-law]. In 2009 Ivanka married the convict's son.

Ivanka wildly, irrationally claimed that her dad elevated political discourse and that her dad is "honest." Whatever. Trump's known for crass belittling. And his smear campaigns are as base, common and deceitful as Obama's. 
Countless times Trump layered his crazy lies into his other crazy-making lies.
1) Ivanka, the worst thing about sexual assault is not hypocrisy, the worse thing is the sexual assault. Nobody says, "At least he's not hypocritical about sexually assaulting women." [except perhaps the Rolling Stone magazine]  YOU are a disgusting enabler.
2) Trump blamed Romney for losing in 2012 due to being mean-spirited toward illegal immigrants?!? Amazingly vicious, backstabbing, brazen, arrogant, and strange after the 2016 year-full of Trump's antics berating hispanics, women, and the disability of a reporter. YOU, Ivanka, are a guilty collaborator, and you're obscene.
3) At campaign rallies Trump promised to de-fund Planned Parenthood, then instead he immediately praised that criminal organization as good and vital for women. You are two-faced, Ivanka. HINT: this is the opposite of honest. Your words and actions are meant to deceive, aren't they . . . they are lowlife and betray American interests and values.
Plainly Trump is the opposite of honest. Trump is a depraved embarrassment to our nation. Trump is so base that Americans and people around the world can hardly believe Trump is the United States President-Elect. The world-wide dismay over the dishonest, underworld and obscene Trump is not a fun matter. You lie constantly, your father lies constantly, to obtain power. If you had told America your true plans, nobody would give you the power you crave. You are a snake con man just like your father, Ivanka.
Trump's Winged Monkey
Ivanka's statement was a vicious charade. Trump pays people to manufacture lies for him, or he represents an inheritance prize? A friend of Trump's owns a tabloid magazine . . . so manufacturing lies actually IS his line of work. The monumental effort to fact check the quantity and substance of Trump's endless layers of deceit is nauseating and exhausting. Ivanka's offensive act and claim that her dad is honest and has elevated political discourse makes her an airhead or just a very evil collaborator. Ivanka's father is the burden of our nation.

Conway is one of the people Trump paid to manufacture lies, SHE went out of bounds in her attempt to disguise Trump in his claim that he's a good Christian. She lies for Trump, enabling a monster to fraudulently obtain world power, world power for a man so corrupt he even refused, then failed to release his tax returns. Conway, Trump, and Ivanka are the ones FAR out of bounds. Ivanka and Trump are Democrats, not Christian, they are total frauds.

Conway's train is creepy, a 100% graft and corruption fascist machine. What? Romney attacked Trump's character? he gave speeches against him? A country full of people and MANY political opponents made speeches against Trump and attacked his character. 

All candidates have their character attacked. Trump's "hurt" feelings, and all of his other feelings are his responsibility, not the responsibility of the opponents of his candidacy. Trump dished out hurt like he was paid to do it, as the old saying goes. Trump draws first blood, Conway.
Getting a friend of Putin to advocate American interests? No, Conway, how about getting a friend of Israel and a friend of America instead? Remember Vlad the impaler? Being friends with Putin is NOT a positive quality.  

Another blogger put it this way, "Trump mocked the disability of a reporter, and he took away medical care from his nephew's infant son with cerebral palsy. He's a good person? No, he's a pathological liar and monster." For most Americans, Ms Conway, being a pathological liar is bad. It is not a random coincidence that Trump favors terrorism. He draws 'first blood' all the way. Again and again Conway lies for Trump and for her personal power. 

Stuart Stevens noted that during the primaries, Conway helped run 'Keep the Promise,' a
Ted Cruz super pac, and also noted how Trump had criticized the appearance of Ted Cruz’s wife: “And yet Conway still goes to work for that man. To me, that smacks of desperation.” Kellyanne Conway is projecting about Mitt because she is the one who betrayed her ally Ted Cruz.

Kellyanne Conway worked for Gingrich, she knows up close all about betrayal; Gingrich betrayed the "Contract with America," he betrayed the Republican Party, Gingrich betrayed the Constitution, he betrayed his ethics, and the villain Gingrich betrayed his promises to the American People. No, Conway, Mitt Romney is not the vicious out-of-bounds betrayer, YOU and Gingrich are.
Even former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly having second thoughts about supporting a president who tells people to get down on their knees [Getty Images/John Moore]
Trump's unfavorability scores have been by far the worst of the 106 presidential candidates since 1980, even lower than Al Sharpton's rating. Certainly Trump's hallmark is dishonesty, insult, and hate mongering. "One website dedicated to debunking Trump's bizarro claims counted 58 of them before finally giving up in late May."

Ivanka's father falsely claimed in his book, The Art of the Deal, that his family came to America from Sweden. FALSE. Why be deceitful? Trump's origin is Bavaria Germany, the polluted fountain of nazism. Kellyanne Conway's former boss, Newt Gingrich, is a communist and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Yet Conway called Romney vicious? I don't think "vicious" means what she thinks it means.

The violence and wars of our century were not caused by religion. The Communist/ NAZI SOCIALISTS mounted the horrors and mass slaughters of the modern era. Islam is fascist SOCIALISM. These atheistic groups and SOCIALISTS are the forces of mass murder, not religion.

As they said in a 2015 Rolling Stone magazine, Trump's office is "more of a trophy room as workspace. Every flat surface is adorned by his {own} image: framed magazine glossies" from slut-catering magazines and tabloids to Time magazine's unflattering cover of Trump's image captioned with one word, "Meltdown." 
In that Rolling Stone interview Trump excitedly exclaimed, "It’s not the polls. It’s the ratings." 
Trump reiterated his belief that attention is all that matters after his wife Melania ... plagiarized Michelle Obama's convention speech, triggering a media frenzy.
     Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump            "Good news is Melania's speech got more publicity than any in the history               of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!"
Trump bragged about being on the cover of Playboy 
"I was one of the only men to ever get on the cover."
Trump posed with Liberty University President Falwell Jr, his Playboy cover framed on the wall in the background of the photograph, positioned just above Mrs. Falwell's outside shoulder.

Mark DeMoss, the chair of Liberty’s executive committee criticized Trump’s 'politics of personal insult': 
"It’s not Christ-like behavior that Liberty has spent forty years promoting with its students."
The above photo op of trump with the leader of Liberty University provoked more fact checking of his claim to be a Christian and Presbyterian. In politics we fact check, and Trump's lying braggadocio gets exposed! 

Trump claimed he was Presbyterian, and the Presbyterians say that he is not. Presbyterians fact checked Trump and explained: "He's not one of us." Fact: Trump's dishonesty is his hallmark. 
I do whine because I want to win, and I'm not happy about not winning, and I am a whiner, and I keep whining and whining until I win. ~Donald Trump, CNN August 10, 2015
This Presbyterian church fact checked candidate Trump in their Easter billboard: wealthy Donald Trump is more aligned with those who sought to have Jesus executed than the penniless “loser” Jesus.

Here’s what Donald Trump had to say about Jesus for his Playboy interview; it can be read inside that 1990 Playboy magazine edition that was hanging on the wall, used as a back drop for Trump and Falwell Junior's photo op. 
You know, among the shrine to Trump’s ego behind them, there is a playboy magazine on the wall with Trump on the cover. So very specifically Trump injured Falwell’s late father.
Concern over the fact that "Trump's responses were downright Biblically illiteratewas overshadowed by Trump's Helter Skelter mumbo jumbo. Is the crazy-making photo op no big deal?

When asked how large a role pure ego plays in his deal-making and enjoyment of publicity, Trump replied that, "Every successful person has a very large ego." Trump doubled down after this follow-up questioning:

Playboy: "Every successful person? Mother Teresa? Jesus Christ?"
Donald Trump: "Far greater egos than you will ever understand." 
                                                                                     ~RedState: "Here’s What Donald Trump Said About Jesus"

President-elect Charles Manson?! 

"The Falwell photo op was aimed to ease concerns of Christians," but instead Trump streaked the faithfulJesus' teachings and example demonstrate the opposite message than Trump's bogus claim to lofty insights, the intimate "special knowledge" Trump claimed to possess about Jesus Christ's egotism.

In the KJV of the Bible we hear that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Humility is a core precept in Jesus Christ's "Way."
"For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." ~Galatians 5: 13
Christians are guided on the use of adornments in First Peter:
"Let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be ...the ornament of a meek spirit . . ." ~1 Peter 3
At the most simple level of comprehending Jesus Christ we are commanded to love others as we love ourselves, and do to others what you'd want done to you. Jesus exhibits the opposite conduct from Trump's well-worn path of egotism, lying, cheating, adultery, vengeance, crazed offensive trolling, dominatrix threatening behavior, and decades of massive financial fraud and theft.
Jesus washing the feet of his twelve apostles.
"If I wash thee not, thou has no part of me." John 13:8 KJV
Far worse than bad presidents is bad theology that ignores the importance of repentance for the Christian, and repentance means both sorrow over our sin and faith in the promise of forgiveness.
Trump crossed the line. He isn't a believer, he's the Pharisee poser. And something worse, really. Because Trump, like Constantine, proclaimed himself a Christian, then twisted Jesus Christ's message beyond recognition. 

Ivanka and Kellyanne? do you even listen when Trump speaks? Or Priebus? Trump is the one needing counseling, not us. It is NOT your job, Reince Priebus, or ANYONE's job in government to order Christians around. The right thing to do is to tell Trump to stop his mockery of the Bible, Christian beliefs, and Christian feelings. If you don't want Trump to be judged, Mr. Priebus, do not run him for President.
Trump, a guy who used his Bible as a prop at a rally and claimed he’s read it more than anyone; using his panel of spiritual advisers to try and convince the public that he’s a devout Christian.
We all know Trump could not get endorsements in the Republican party, and that most of the endorsements he got after winning the nomination were rescinded. Trump loves two Corinthians??!!? You betrayed liberty and America with your support of Trump, Priebus, Conway, and Ivanka.
"Except you repent you shall all likewise perish " ~Jesus Christ, in Luke 13: 3
Repentance in Greek and Hebrew involves sorrow for sin, feeling urged toward God's required change, the action of yielding our Will to God, and the act of turning away from Sin.

Christians demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit         ~Galatians 5: 22, 23
not the acts of the flesh                                           ~Galatians 5: 19-21
by their fruits (deeds) ye shall know them.            ~ Matthew 7: 20

Trump claimed he read the Bible more than anyone, but he shows zero reading comprehension. He is the one who claimed to be a devout Christian. We are not chastising Trump for his sins, we are saying he isn't a Christian because he doesn't believe in the most profound pillar of Christianity: God's forgiveness. He knows nothing about it. 

Most Christians cannot accept Trump's protestations of having faith when he doesn't remotely grasp forgiveness. We are frankly saying there is no evidence that Trump is a devout Christian. I seriously doubt Trump even attends church each Christmas and Easter. But merely surface fact checking proves Trump's tale of profound devotion is a fable. One must ask why carry on about this? Particularly after Obama fouled up the White House waters. 
Forgiveness is the No. 1 First Thing in Christianity
Even as Trump claimed to read the Bible "more than anyone," he proved he does not know the first thing about Christianity. "Gospel" means good news. It is not good for religion to have shysters, nasty evil crooks like Trump, claim to be Christian! Ivanka's  "Don" is a rapist, thief, mobster, psychopath. 

If Trump wants to support religion, he should BEGIN by not making up truckloads of lies the way he does. Stop saying you are a Christian. Stop claiming that Kim Davis should go to jail, when mayors of sanctuary cities do not. Start simple, Donald Trump. Then please do not kiss Giuliani in drag. And tell us your source of authority for saying homosexuality ought to be considered "good." 

The real start to honoring the First Amendment is to stop trying to put gag orders on those who do not agree with you: don't be a fascist dictator. That is a good first baby step. Don't suggest communist Chinese showed strength by beating up their students in Tiananmen Square. In other words, stop being you, Donald Trump. We should all support the freedom of religion of our land, but the means are EVERYTHING, it is harmful of religion to be extreme hypocrites like Ivanka and Trump.

The whole point of the Reformation was that Christianity not degenerate down to condone mistresses, graft, and noxious crime, as it did in Europe, especially among the clergy. Christianity is mocked by polluted men claiming they are religious. STOP THIS. Support freedom of religion, but do not assume a virtue and live a lie as Trump is in the act of perpetrating.
Trump's Charity Partners, the pedofile Michael Jackson and His Crossed Swords of Islam
*See mark 1:28 as Michael Jackson sings praise to Allah
Trump's idea of charity work was flying a pedofile to the bedside of a teenaged boy, Ryan White, who was dying of aids, with a white turbaned Muslim cleric as their chaperone. Trump is devoid of propriety, and this foul act was not innocently done. Muslim lands embrace pedaphilia. 

Slavery and sex slavery are disgusting, and mutilating female genitals is NOT pro woman. Molesting children is the worse plague on earth. We must fight evil, not plaster white-wash over it and label THAT as being Christian! Fie on inquisition blockheads. As Abraham Lincoln said, "If slavery is not wrong, then nothing is."

Trump was a leader among those fighting in support of Obama's Dream Act, after our Republican Congress had voted down and defeated it already. Trump used the exact same excuse he pulls out for all his MANY vile actions and causes: "Because we have to."

September 9, 2015 Trump called for the United States to take in Syrian 'refugees,' because "you have to." It is strange to observe Trump's followers ignore the fact that Trump is absolutely unreliable and a leftwing zombie radical. Trump had Democrats speak at his convention.  

Nobody understands how Charles Manson got followers either. 
Trump said it was too bad Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis "had to go to jail." Then he blathered on and on about the Constitution and the Supreme Court and the law.  If Trump knew or cared about anything in the Constitution, there is little evidence of it. He does not say mayors of sanctuary cities belong in jail, does he? Does he find our immigration law important? No. This is precisely what Trump said: 
"{County Clerk Kim Davis} should not be in her particular line of work if she does not want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex marriage licenses."
Trump does not say muslim truckers must change their vocations if they refuse to transport alcohol. 
It seems HIGHLY likely that Trump is a Muslim. The muslim clerics reject logic and reason just as Trump does.

The fact of the matter is Trump's life is the complete surrender to evil. Every time Trump supports evil and is caught, he has the same response: "because we have to." What he is saying is, "The Devil made me do it." America must not follow the vile path surrendering to evil. Flex your minds and bodies, use your liberty for good. Treasure compassion, honesty, hard work and excellence; not the devilish con men promising get-rich-quick schemes that leave you in slavery and bondage.
Is there much hint recently throughout mass media outlets of Castro's celebrity status among his
extensive Islamic, global, terrorist networks? Doesn't it seem Castro is given little exposure for his terrorist passions, for his strong passion to inflict terrorist assaults on Americans? Think about it, those same media outlets carpet bomb our homes 24/7 with Trump coverage. Think hard. 

Apparently Ivanka cannot think for herself, nor any other members of Trump's Charles Manson-esque following.
Husseini-Arafat with Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro helped train and fund practically every terror group on earth, from the Weathermen to Puerto Rico’s Macheteros, to Argentina’s Montoneros, to Colombia’s FARC, to the Black Panthers, to the IRA, to the PLO-Al Fatah {the mother of all Al Qaeda splinter groups}.
Castro's Trainees and Fans
Obama and the Obama media's normalization of Castro is vile.

At a related level, it is also vile how Ivanka attempted to normalize Trump's obscene, lowlife, oafish nature into "elevated" political speech. She is extremely culpable for her disgusting lies.

According to Trump  and Conway Mitt Romney is "mean-spirited" and "maniacal," but Trump reserved no such venom for Castro. Trump had no fury over that vicious terrorist. Hillary also hates Republicans more than terrorists and Castro. The fact of the matter is that the murdering Castro Brothers endorsed Hillary. Hillary, have you thanked Castro lately for his passion to kill Americans and for torturing his own people? 
Ivanka's father wrote in his book, The Art of the Deal, that his people came to America from Sweden, although he knew that was entirely false: his grandfather came here from Bavaria Germany. Bavaria is grand central Islamo-Nazism. Their community provided Hitler with the Inquisition's documents that helped Hitler to hunt down Jews for the Nazi's "Final Solution" in World War 2. 

Final solution to what? Answer: the Final Solution to the Inquisition. In plain sight, the community of Bavaria  was the headquarters of those who worked hard to genocide Jews over many hundreds of years. Hitler said Jews were communists who slaughtered people in Russia, and he said that his genocide of the Jewish people was self-defense against such genocidal communists. 

At this video link reference, a rabbi gives important information on the genocide in Germany, Hitler and the Jews. This informative rabbi concludes that the atheist, non-religious Jews who became communists contributed to the horror heaped upon Jews randomly in Europe during World War 2.

Trump's FLIMSY lie that he is Swedish, but really he is German, is the tip of the iceberg here, as most lies are. People lie hoping you won't see the iceberg below the surface.

Chavez and Gaddafi
Socialism, Terrorism, & Genocide
Doesn't Kellyanne know communism and fascism are vicious? 
Kellyanne's former boss Newt Gingrich is a communist. But Conway is apparently comfortable with communists and Trump's other Constitution-hating appointees. But she feels Mitt Romney is vicious?  I don't think "vicious" means what she thinks it means. 
"O.K. If there’s a Nobel Prize in hypocrisy, those people {Conway and Trump} have got to win it this year.” ~Bill Maher
Romney opposed Trump, as most Republicans do, and as sixteen other Republican candidates did. But it was Donald Trump who bragged he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue, and he "wouldn't lose a single voter." Charles Manson and those who continue to support Trump are sick, violent groupies. Kellyanne obviously likes vicious people.

Megyn Kelly explained to Stephen Colbert why she avoids 5th Avenue:

Why does Ivanka denigrate the personhood of Trump's victims, like Carrie Prejean? 
Most Americans do not believe the rich are above the law.

Both Trump and Charles Manson exploit females, the wealthy, and those in government office. Trump and Mason gravitated to lawlessness, sensationalism, and provoking racial violence in America. Manson and Trump both also made the lost and disenfranchised feel they are the most important person in the room and then rallied them into a thrall performing violence, and sometimes sieg heil salutes. Vicious and violent LGBT activist groups endorse Trump. 

Cokehead Trump bankrupted a strip club casino, but Kellyanne Conway smirks and acts condescending towards "vicious" Mitt Romney? Ms Conway, Trump betrayed Mitt Romney. Trump is the vicious guttersnipe. Trump certainly belongs in jail, not our White House. Of course it is against the law for Trump to have a gaming license.


BREAKING : Trump deleted tweet revealing he voted for his ‘friend’ Barack Obama | malaach last November 8, 2012 instead of Mitt Romney who he'd endorsed: Trump betrayed Mitt Romney in 2012. 
The norm for Trump is drawing first blood, Ms Conway.

So Kellyanne and Donald Trump both lied when they said Mitt Romney had betrayed Trump. The truth is that it was the other way around: it was Trump who betrayed Mitt Romney. Trump is the betrayer, Conway. Ms Conway, Trump drew First Blood. 

It is simply the fact of the matter; Trump betrayed Romney back in 2012 when he voted for Obama, and he blamed Obama's re-election on Mitt. Trump actual has the gall to say Mitt was "mean-spirited" towards the hispanic 'race' because Romney wanted the immigration laws enforced and a secure border.

Putrid to see Trump the Predator, play his Democrat Party's poor me, the victim, card. How very Democrat of Trump. Psychologists call that projecting, when a person accuses their opponents of doing the thing they have done.
Like Mitt Romney, Andrew Breitbart also warned America against hate-monger Trump, then Andrew Breitbart was murdered. Some how that very conservative man's news outlet became Trump's actual campaign headquarters. 

Trump is NOT fighting the Republican Establishment and he certainly is not a Conservative. It is the Conservatives who've been fighting the Establishment, and Trump has joined up with that vicious Establishment group who torment both parties in America, thwarting the People, our interests and our values.

"Over the years, there have been endless fractures in the façade of individual freedom," wrote National Review. But four policies provided the fuel that lit the tea-party fire: the stimulus, the auto bailouts, the bank bailouts, the medical insurers' bailouts. Barack Obama supported all four. So did Donald Trump. 

According to Trump's idea of a "smart" cabinet, standing up for individual freedoms is now not American, but Leftist. Trump is a two faced traitor. What Trump advocated as "smart," is STUPID; and what Trump advocated as "Leftwing" is just the opposite. Trump is extremely false. 

Human rights and civil liberties are the CORE beliefs Conservatives fight to conserve. Clearly Trump is a radical Leftist, or he would KNOW Conservatives live and breathe from the paradigm of protecting civil rights. Civil Rights are very very very American.
“Foolish liberals trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right...are courting disaster . . .” ― Alan Dershowitz
Trump rambled on and on saying that people from the Black Lives Matter groups were:
"...with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police and what should be done to 'em. It's disgraceful the way they're being catered to by the Democrats. Those Democrats are unfit to run for office, in my opinion."
I agree. Democrats like Trump are unfit to run for office. For six years he just ignored the government of the state of New York when they demanded that he stop using  "university" in the name of his real estate 'school' fraud scheme. 

Also, Trump took people's property from them using eminent domain laws meant for building things like roads for public use. Trump is a horror story. Trump flaunted disrespect for the rule of Law his whole life. 

Hour by hour Trump blathers on and on about how he opposes the violation of our Constitution after he spent his life trashing the Constitution, and after many decades of him funding those unfit types in the Democrat Party who trash the Constitution. Trump funding is a root cause of fraud and 
stupid government: he donated to Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid, and McConnell.

Trump is not a truth-teller, he is an establishment insider. Dishonesty is Trump's hallmark. Trump should support religious freedom, not the Pope. The Pope is fascist, communist and opposed to religious freedom.

Trump should support religious freedom and oppose socialism, but that does NOT mean he should LIE that he is a Christian. That is the worst fraud and just like Obama. Other socialist billionaires Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin also lie that they are Christian, to deceive their oppressed "masses," as they call people.
Trump is Epicenter of Stupid Government
The fact Trump knows so little about our Constitution PROVES he doesn't care about law and order. Trump will not even say empty words in support of limited government, the principle which forms the basis of our Constitution.

Trump was quite recently a Democrat, AND HE STILL IS. Trump hates Republicans as much as Hillary does, or MORE. Democrats of Trump's sort use empty rhetoric, graft and pandering and they do not belong in the Republican Party, let alone at the top of the Republican Party. 

The Republican Establishment is precisely who used Trump for power, Trump is NOT fighting the Republican Establishment. Trump IS the Republican Establishment candidate.

Trump with Swamp Alligator1
His whole life Trump ignored the Constitution and our laws, he has always supported and funded the expanding overreach of Washington D.C. When Conservatives needed allies, Donald Trump sided with Obama. Trump's proposed cabinet members and his advisers also disdain our Constitution. Trump's top adviser, Steve Bannon, likes to fancy himself a 'Lenin.'

It is people like Trump who are "unfit to run for office" like the bulk of the Democrat members of government. People like Trump are the reason loyal Americans like Zell Miller supported George W. Bush instead of hippie John Kerry. 

Ask yourself, why did Trump vote for Carter instead of Reagan? Why did Trump vote for Barack Obama? Then ask yourself, why would any American elect a man U.S. President who disdains the Constitution he'd be sworn to preserve and protect?
Trump claimed not to know Putin in 2016 Presidential debate. 
*See Trump comment at mark 1:57.

Twice in 2014 Trump already bragged 
about meeting with Putin and about receiving a gift from Putin

Trump bragged about his relationship with Putin in 2013 and 2014, and then in the 2016 debate with Hillary, Trump lied saying: "I don't know Putin." Ivanka is pathetic for claiming her father is honest, or that he elevated the political discourse in America. It is a big dangerous lie. Ivanka's hallmark is dishonesty now, too.
Sugar Daddy
It is vicious of Trump to send Ivanka around to lie for him. Ivanka's father is a monster, and dishonesty is Trump's hallmark.
Ivanka the 'Manson-Type' Groupie and Winged Monkey
Trump is not a truth-teller and he is far worse than most American politicians ever were. Trump is so gross and so bizarrely two-faced, that even in his victory speech, as Trump's fans were chanting for Hillary to go to jail, Trump slapped them in the face with this gem, "...we owe Hillary a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country." 

Trump so vulgar, he loves his own RICH daughter posing like a slut for career "work."

And recently Trump canceled a Boeing contract, thus proving he does not care about future Presidents or American jobs since Boeing makes great airplanes and a strong Boeing company is vital in the muscle of our defense.
"To think that in 140 characters, the length of a Twitter message, the president can cancel a program is ridiculous. There would be a detailed review by legal professionals on the merits of the termination." ~Franklin Turner
Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrumpBoeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order! 7:52 AM - 6 Dec 2016  
Marcus Weisgerber@MarcusReports BREAKING: @Boeing says it only has a $170M deal with @usairforce to help with requirements for new Air Force One 10:29 AM - 6 Dec 2016
"Boeing is simply meeting requirements mapped out by the Air Force in consultation with the White House," said defense consultant Loren Thompson, who has close ties to Boeing and other companies. 
The fact of the matter is that when in campaign mode for a Rolling Stone profile Trump expressed his enthusiasm about the capabilities of his own Boeing 757 plane:
"It's bigger than Air Force One, which is a step down from this in every way. Rolls-Royce engines; seats 43. Did you know it was featured on the Discovery Channel as the world's most luxurious jetliner?"
Trump's fame for being a lying snake oil con man was only exceeded by the fame of his small hands. So a big "L" for loser goes to The Donald. "The world was outrage by Trump's base rhetoric, the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper politely called it an “eccentric speech.” The Philadelphia Daily News ran a picture of Trump with his right arm outstretched, sieg heil style."
If Trump has intelligence, it is difficult to find. From his irrational self love, third grade vocabulary, schoolyard antics, long string of business bankruptcies to his use of Saddam Hussein's interior decorator one just returns again and again to the fact that Trump's expertise is being a threatening bully, and a terrorizing pimp. 

Trump's Atlantic City casino, the Taj Mahal strip club and hotel, hosted a convention dedicated to the production, sale and promotion of hardcore pornography. Even Serta has discontinued a Trump-brand mattress.    

Trump ran a campaign of absurdities. Remember when he said 'kill the Snowden traitor'? 
"I think he’s a terrible traitor, and you know what we used to do in the good old days when we were a strong country— you know what we used to do to traitors, right?                                                                                                            ~Donald Trump
This also implies that Trump's fine with the NSA spying on US citizens. 
Trump actually said we need to "go after the families of terrorists." Either he has no idea that's a war crime, or he knows but doesn't care. Both are equally unsettling realities.

Trump held the most obscene and violent rallies in modern history, yet that Winged Monkey, a Democrat, persists in her deplorable lies that her father elevated politics in America! Trump's so obscene that the largest department store chain in the United States determined that Trump was bad for business.

Univision, the Spanish-language TV network, also cancelled a deal to broadcast Trump's Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants; they were disgusted by Trump's mean racial slurs. Did anyone tell Ivanka that Trump boasted about how he could have “nailed” Princess Di? 

Trump ran such a dishonest, vulgar, and tabloid campaign, he makes other modern American politicians look sweet, kind, knowledgeable, virtuous, brilliant, caring, and honest next to him. 

Out of the politician breed, Trump is among the worst lying monsters so far. Trump is an endless orgy of evil deeds. Ivanka, there is NOTHING RELIGIOUS, authentic or honest about Donald Trump, the con man mobster cokehead. Trump is a fraud, the OPPOSITE of being authentic.

 “The Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years" to divide the Western alliance. 

In August Ivanka was vacationing in Croatia with Putin's girlfriend, Wendi Deng. So as it turns out, Ivanka is deranged and unauthentic like her 'don.' Wendi Deng was married once with Rupert Murdoch, and dated Tony Blair. She's now also fabulously wealthy. Bilderbergers pimp out

Newt is one of Trump few 'republican' friends, and he is of the Bilderberger group as a member of the CFR. Trump's a hideous fraud, he is NOT authentic: Trump is an insider designed to give false hope.
Ivanka A  Close Follower of Charles-Manson Trump

Trump's NY Pimphouse
Trump photo op with Falwell Jr aroused ire in student protests at Liberty University, where it was 80% opposed to Trump, and only 10% for Trump. The message of the students was, "This is an effort to say Liberty University is not Trump university.” And a mere 8% of the vote in Liberty’s voting precinct went to Trump in the GOP Primary. 

After a Pence speaking appearance at Liberty University, Wahl said few students clapped when Pence spoke of Trump: “It was pretty pitiful.”
Harvard Republicans
The Harvard Republicans Club took a strong stand in August: “For the first time in 128 years, we, the oldest College Republicans chapter in the nation, will not be endorsing the Republican nominee,” the club said in a statement. “Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans.”
The University of Virginia College Republicans statement: “We do not feel Donald Trump accurately represents the way we view and conduct ourselves.”  
“This election’s unprecedented nature has made blind commitment to our Party unpalatable. The Cornell Republicans cannot, in good faith, endorse our party’s nominee." 
Here, here.
In an unheard-of rebuke by a running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, declined to appear on Mr. Trump’s behalf at a party gathering in Wisconsin.
After a 2005 video surfaced, the nation and world witnessed Trump celebrating how he could grope and sexually assault women because he's so rich! So, no Ivanka, the worst thing about sexual assault is not hypocrisy, the worst thing is the sexual assault. Nobody says, "At least he's not hypocritical about sexually assaulting women." [except the Rolling Stone magazine]
Cruz french kissing Trump
With high frequency it is widely said that Kellyanne Conway was horrid in the Primary season. Her candidate was the MOST horrific, threatening, and vicious of all. Trump bragged that Nixon and Bill Clinton both suggested he should run for President, and yet Conway claims she doesn't like "vicious" men?! So please let's tell Ms Conway to stop saying she disapproves of vicious behavior. It's very hypocritical and patently false.

The Trump campaign continually trashed the Republican Party and Republican unity. Few believed Trump could be or should be elected President. Conway doesn't want Mitt Romney for Secretary of State because Mitt Romney is a Republican. Hint hint, Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie are the Establishment.

As Hillary pointed out, Trump likes to brag about his $9 billion net worth AND of not paying any federal tax. And after a 2005 video surfaced, the nation and world witnessed Trump celebrating how he could grope and sexually assault women because he's so rich!  Yes, Trump's authentic about groping and sexually assaulting women. So Trump's Charles-Mason groupies lack mental capacity. Ivanka, you are lost and past feeling.

Trump's NY Pimphouse
There is no logic or reason for the self-righteousness or smugness of Kellyanne Conway. Trump is not what you told Americans he was. Trump surely is not a populist for the common man or common woman. Trump certainly is not like President Jackson. 

When two losers race against one another, the victory will go to a loser. Team Conway is alt-Democrat Party like Gingrich her former boss. She worked as the senior advisor to communist Gingrich during his 2012 United States presidential election campaign. Gingrich distributed The Third Wave to all members of Congress before his own party kicked him from the Speakership.
A former Gingrich con job was his "Contract with America," that called for stronger federal crime-fighting measures, despite the Constitution’s prohibition on federal involvement in police matters outside of piracy and treason.
In June 1995 Gingrich and Clinton both agreed at a debate in Claremont, New Hampshire, that they were “not far apart” in their views.
In plain sight, Trump, Newt, and Kellyanne Conway 
are part of Team Clinton, 
they are NOT opponents as they FAKE in public now.
Gingrich supported the $30 billion Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 that shackled gun owners with new restrictions, federalized a number of crimes, and handed the feds police powers that the Constitution reserves to the states.
Gingrich says the Constitution is outdated. Gingrich praised Clinton’s unconstitutional use of the U.S. military to inflict a communist regime on Haiti in 1994. This freak is a MEMBER of the Council on Foreign Relations. Gingrich is NOT a Republican.
Council on Foreign Relations members have amassed 75% of the nations industrial and financial assets. Methodically taking control of the Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency, and the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the Government, The Council on Foreign Relations established and controls the Federal Reserve System. 
Gingrich is a member of CFR.
In April 2008 Gingrich cuddled up with current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a love seat at the National Mall to make a “We Can Solve It” television commercial for Al Gore’s ad, a $300 million global-warming campaign urging constituents to pressure their Representatives in Washington to go green.
The Clinton-Obama "We Can" Team
Gingrich’s “conservative” answer to the concocted energy crisis is price regulation and government subsidies, both of which use tax money to stifle the economy, giving advantage to faulty products and services that cannot support themselves in a free-market economy.
Gingrich’s “Green Conservatism” exactly like the “left-wing environmentalism” of which he claimed to disapprove. 
Gingrich is a fascist, like Donald Trump.
So far, the fact that Trump campaigned against the Republican Establishment shows that there's no bottom to the rabbit hole that is Trump's dishonesty. Trump's coming transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, is married to the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. McConnell's the biggest Alligator in the Swamp.

Trump spent his life funding the alligators, including McConnell. 

When Conservatives in Congress got close to 'primarying' Mr. Establishment McConnell, it was Trump who rescued the Establishment by giving McConnell the largest donation Trump had ever made to a single national candidate. There is NO controversy whatsoever: Trump is the Establishment.
Swamp Alligator1 and Swamp Alligator2
PICTURED: "Super" Power Couple: Trump's Secretary Elaine Chao is also Senator McConnell's Wife

So much for populism or shaking up the joint or all the other truck loads of maniac Trumpidian lies. Trump does not have your interests at heart. It's a madhouse. Two-thirds of Americans disapproved of Trump, and yet he's supposedly representing us. 

Americans should do themselves a favor and stop blaming Republicans for all of Trump's actions, past, and bullying. We are in far too great danger to indulge in petty partisanship here. The letter beside Trump's name is "D" so own it!

No form of government can cure people ripe in iniquity. We need more reverence for the law, reason, and honor. In his time of national distress, President Lincoln once called for a day of fasting and prayer:

It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness. ~Abraham Lincoln
 Senate Republican Leader McConnell has the closest ties to the owner of Ping Mayhis in-laws
Columbian Naval inspectors discovered 40 kilograms of cocaine being smuggled enroute to the Netherlands hidden on the Ping May, so we see the Trump appointment of Elaine Chao demonstrates a dangerous nexus of corporate and government power. The merging of corporate and government power is called fascism. Chao is the China-foreign-born wife of McConnell.

How is it superior, smart, or fighting the Republican Establishment that Trump appointed in his cabinet the daughter of a Chinese druglord and the wife of THE core player of the Republican 
Conway apparently believes that druglords are not vicious, only Mitt Romney? 
What about Trump's attacks on Boeing or the fact that fascist Trump is now enabling a total monopoly of America's media is America first? After China? After Russia? After Islam? Who's debts are the first in Trump's playground? His own? I thought so . . .  Kellyanne Conway really is as twisted and psycho as she seems.

Consider: 90 percent of cable television networks are currently owned by just six companies: Time Warner (CNN), Viacom, CBS, ABC (Disney), Comcast (NBC) and 21st Century Fox.
The Senate Judiciary committee will hold a significant hearing...on the proposed $84 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which owns CNN.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump said, "AT&T is buying Time Warner, and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few."
Yet, ...{AT&T} news reports are suggesting President Trump will have a laissez-faire approach and the deal will go through.  ~Michael Reagan
Yes, socialism, which is fascism, is a big deal. Fascism is the merging of government and corporate power. The worst possible outcome of government control over the economy is government enabling a monopoly of the media industry

Remember how three chapters of Mein Kampf, "My Jihad," were focused on the study and practice of propaganda. Adolf Hitler put control of newspapers into the hands of a monopoly and Joseph Goebbels. 
A media monopoly is Trump's recipe for propaganda and fascist intimidation, and it is not capitalism.
Judge Bork warned us against monopoly in general, but monopoly of the media is the worst, most corrupt nexus of fascist force and corporate power, and the so-called "revolving door between industry and government." The purpose of propaganda is to mobilize certain of man’s emotions in such a way that they will dominate his reason: the enslavement of mankind.
A media monopoly has a chilling effect on freedom. Like Hitler who also was at first called a buffoon, Trump is DANGEROUS. The Council on Foreign Relations uses psychological warfare techniques not only as a means of systematic nationalistic aggression, but as a means of deceiving their own countrymen.

Yes, the danger of Trump is a big deal. "Nazi" is German for national socialist party. It is a big deal that Trump made his followers salute him with a sieg heil. It is serious that this monster pretends to suddenly become a Republican, even though
 he actually is a socialist. 

There is no such thing as a fascist Republic, just as there is no such thing as informed consent in a socialist medical system.
It is twisted and sick for a violent, lascivious gangster like Trump to claim he's a devout Christian, and the media FAILS to hold him accountable for such fraud! Ivanka must also be held accountable for her collaborator viciousness. 

Fascism IS NOT limited government. Socialism is NOT limited government. And no matter how they begin, many fascist regimes used voting and elections, they end up horrific and oppressive to the people.

Der fuhrer’s methods for accomplishing his madness were identical to der Islam's prophet. Adolf's book title when translated in Islamic countries is, "My Jihad." Adolf and Muhammad fixated on fascist violence. Trump, like Muhammad and Hitler, must first seduce men with propaganda before coercing them. And these three madmen make promises on which they never deliver.
After a bellyache full of campaign media lies that Trump's a populist, the truth is actually that Trump is a socialist in drag. Trump assembled a crowd of elitists for his ideal leaders: the richest administration in modern American history. It is not that money is evil, but the love of money certainly is. 

MAMMON is the classic word for the evil influence wealth can inflict. Trump revels perpetually in moral bankruptcy: Trump's a self-described cash addict. The man who constantly brags about doing evil does not deserve our support for the nation’s highest office. 

Certainly the blinders must now come off seeing Trump waddle around the Swamp with Alligator1. Sooooo toxic. Trump did not release his tax returns, just as Romney correctly foresaw.
Abraham Lincoln was a highly successful lawyer.
Now we don't have Republican Party Leadership who respect and honor President Lincoln or the Republic. Lincoln warned future America against the destructive power of global corporations. Fascism is the merging of corporate power with government power. Beware America. 

Americans loathe Team Obama's anti-police Occupy lawsuits, druggies and thieves; all the while
Obama's arming police in America to the teeth with military-grade gear. So Obama and Team, don't go away mad, just go away. Especially unwanted are Obama's Muslim Brotherhood enemy aliens and criminals, and all the other Islamic jihadi allies of Obama, like Erdogan.

The majority of Republicans never voted for Trump in the GOP Primary season. Trump only ever got a minority of the GOP Primary vote, and it was DEMOCRATS switching to vote in an open GOP Primary in their state that caused this travesty AGAINST the Republican Party.

Most Republicans realize that we need a President who will follow the guidance of and adhere to the United States Constitution.

Americans NEVER wanted "watch-the-world-burn" Trump joker 
who refers to his presidency as a "reign." 

When Trump attempted to unseat Republican-elected Speaker Paul Ryan, Ryan easily won in his primary race with 85% of the Republicans' vote, and then he won 65% of the General Election vote. 

Ample evidence that people viewed Trump as 'just not Hillary,' but never was Trump popular. Sadly, Trump IS Team Clinton.

It's certainly not Romney who is out-of-bounds, it is Trump. Ms Conway, your Trump is a Democrat, so it seems that it is YOU who has been listening to that old school marm Obama too long. Few believe you are just deceived. It is known Conway lies for Trump. 
Trump DEFINITELY is not better than the Republican Party. Time for the baby big-mouth frogs to close their mouths. Conway is delusional. Even worse, Conway is a violent fascist dingbat. Trump's Regime doesn't want 'unity.' When they use that word, they mean that Trump is now the Supreme Leader, bow down or else
Bully Trump Using Same Eastern-Type Gold Throne Chair As Morsi Used
Trump was the worst candidate in history. He failed to win a majority of Republican voters in the GOP Primary, and he failed to win a majority of the popular vote in the General November 2016 Election.
First Muslim Brotherhood Head of State Morsi and notice his eastern-type Gold Chair
Pictures above is the Obama-sponsored Morsi, the first head of state to be from the Islamo-nazi Muslim Brotherhood organization. Notice that Morsi's chair is the same as Trump's 'gold throne.' Also, Trump frequently does a sign indicating he is a Muslim, when he holds down his other fingers with his thumb, but points his index finger to the heavens. It is a "God has no son" anti-Christ sign.

Egypt put elected Morsi in prison for his immediately breaking his promises of democracy and how he appointed terrorists as governors. It is precisely what Morsi promised he would not do when he was in campaign mode. Regardless of how they begin, fascists/socialists quickly are oppressive and they enslave the people.

Ivanka told us in campaign mode that Trump is honest and has elevated America's political discussion. Ivanka only credibility lies at the fiendishly low level of Charles Manson fans: Donald Trump's hallmarks are vile, two-faced dishonesty and egregiously obscene violence.

Trump is the worst politician, and he has always been a horrid politician. Americans are shocked that Trump suggested opponents get down on their knees to him. Ivanka is a lunatic.

Ivanka's father-in-law is a convict, and her father Donald Trump is guilty of repeated and willful money laundering and many many many other crimes. Someone please tell Ms Ivanka that it is completely un-American to tell people to bow down to you. Ivanka's Daddy is 100% saturated in filth. 
So is baby 'Evanka Peron.'
Nazi collaborators are NAZI's. Fascists are fascist. Socialists are facists. That is the fact of the matter in this propaganda freak show.

Islam would be no threat to Europe nor to the United States if our monster leaderships just stopped using our money to import them into our countries, and stopped using our money to give them paychecks and weapons. 

Communism is atheist, and the current pope of the Catholic version of Christianity openly admits he is a communist. Communism is atheist. In this time of global distress Trump's top adviser, Steve Bannon, is also marxist with ideas about producing wealth for the good of the community.
"If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject."                                                                                              ~Ayn Rand Warns 
If so-called populists Trump and Bannon askew privileged elites, their cabinet does not validate the claim. Their picks have Ivy League degrees and Goldman Sachs posts on their résumés.
The former neo-Breitbart executive director turned Trump leader boasted at a party about his goal of destroying the conservative establishment.
Bannon famously called himself a “Leninist”: a man who seized the State and moved ruthlessly toward a predetermined goal. Like Lenin, the superwealthy class that produced Trump is now beginning to fill his Cabinet and the ranks of his advisers.
Give him a chance? A chance to destroy freedom? No, be bold, be free. Trump's top adviser is a soviet agent. When Lenin took over, the first thing the State did was to declare itself infallible and the State employed a policy of terror to control the masses. 
Sorry, Bannon, Lenin was no Libertarian. 
Lenin enabled State sponsored terror against the People.
Trump said in a May rally, “The important thing is the unification of the people, and all the other people don’t matter.” 
Trump's statement is evil altruism, and implies the end of free speech. James Madison insisted, “the censorial power is in the people over the government, not in the government over the people.”
In Trump’s America, there are warning signs that the government may be glad to censor and condemn “the other people.”
Another Trump cabinet pick is Thiel who is recasting himself as Tech Trump....“I no longer think that freedom and democracy are compatible,” Thiel wrote in his 2009 Cato Institute essay. 
What we discover NOW about trump's inner circle is their contempt for our Constitutional Republic. The noise was always there, but they played a con game and our lying media were complicit.
Team Trump is after what sounds like “managed democracy,” the standard euphemism for Vladimir Putin’s style of governing Russia. Their goal? to keep the public from getting in their way.
 Bannon and Thiel believe their ideas have found the perfect host organism. They won’t be the last.
So trump actually is a soviet agent after all. The Red Scare is glaring at us in the face. Orange is the new red. And everyone now must battle altruism, the populist leper's bell warning of an approaching looter, as Ayn Rand so thoroughly briefed our nation about the real face of communism.
“National Review and The Weekly Standard,” Bannon said, “...are both left-wing magazines, and I want to destroy them also.” He added that “no one reads them or cares what they say.”
Guess who doesn't care about The People? Answer: those opposed to a free press and the atheist communists. Phony Trump, and his confederacy with criminals, are acting like the monarchies back in the day of the Marquis de Sade.
Young Ayn Rand
Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.                    ~Ayn Rand, great Russian thinker who fled Russia
Gary Cooper with Grace Kelly
"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities - - and the smallest minority on earth is the individual."                                                                                            ~Ayn Rand, who fled Russia

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag
and carrying a cross." ~Sinclair Lewis
Sieg Heil. Donald Trump made members of his Orlando crowd raise their right hands 
and swear to vote in the GOP primary. Sieg Heil.

This Trump Orlando rally looked like a scene from Nazi Germany. Where is Trump's "takeover" of the GOP? He and McConnell are partners. 

The only truth I consistently see is Trump smacking Conservatives who understand the Constitution and know limited government is the only path for economic freedom and liberty. Trump is an Establishment insider. 

The People were viciously sucker punched
by Trump and Ms Conway.

Trump is a phony con man and ignorant, the American-Hustle scrub shyster. And Trump is absolutely not authentic. 

Trump is violent and dishonest. Trump is a continual orgy of  evil. Sorry, being a deceitful con man and behaving just like Obama  DOES NOT mean Trump is a devout Christian.
"The only unforgivable sin in this Romish corporation is to tell the truth about it." 
The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, p. 42
"Ratlines" formed the basis of the ODESSA network after World War II. Nazi's fleeing Germany were helped to South America and the middle east. ODESSA stands for 'Organization of Former SS Members.'
Ahmadinejad Scheming with Castro, Cuba's Saddam Hussein
Joseph Wechsberg verified that plans were made for the creation of a 4th Reich, before the Fall of the 3rd, to be implemented by reorganizing Nazi's in remote colonies overseas. They set up a worldwide clandestine escape network. 
The foul CIA supplied the Egyptian secret service with Nazi SS officers. NAZI seed groups sprouted into Arab nationalist organizations: Fatah, Hamas and the PLO, part of the terrorist threat that we face today.
Ahmadinejad and Chavez
German NAZI's organized and trained members of the organization THEY created called the Muslim Brotherhood. German officers trained members of the Muslim Brotherhood in modern weapons. NAZI's funded, supplied weapons and organized in the Muslim Brotherhood. They are one and the same. NAZI's are in the Muslim Brotherhood, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood are NAZI's.

Nazi's are the parent company of the Muslim Brotherhood. They supplied them modern weapons and trained muslims to use the weapons. In the Islamic Christian genocide in Turkey NAZI officers observed Muslim methods used in mass murder, so genocidal Islam trained Germans NAZI in genocidal mass murder.
Leader of the Muslim world, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini, 
planning the extermination of Jews with Adolf Hitler.

On March 1, 1944, in a radio broadcast to the Arab people from Berlin, the Mufti urged muslims:
"Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God."
The world should only speak of Islam's infidelophobia, we must use firm minds to resist the deranged Islam death cult. Al-Husseini fled Jerusalem in 1941 when he failed in his attempt to murder the British ruler. He arrived in Germany to the open arms of Hitler himself.
The only religion I respect is Islam, the only prophet I admire is the prophet Muhammad...Hence today, I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator, by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of Allah.” ~Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf,  (direct translation of Hitler's book title in arabic is "My Jihad")
Obviously Hitler is muslim: Adolf  expressed his desire to please Allah right there in his book. 

Ex-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini, and his nephew Arafat

To disguise his bloodline Yasser Arafat used an alias. The truth is that his real name is a shock: "Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat As Qudwa al-Hussaeini." He was born on August 24, 1929 in Cairo.
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Cairo in 1928, so YES, these facts mean that Islamic Jihad as a mass movement was born at literally the same time as the birth of Arafat Mohammad al-Husseini. The Muslim Brotherhood became the first organization to propagate, in modern times, the archaic idea of a belligerent and violent jihad and the culture of longing for death.
On October 10, 1959 a group of about 20 Palestinians met in Kuwait and secretly formed Fatah, and Arafat soon emerged as their leader. Fatah, or al-Fatah, is an acronym standing for Harakat Al-Tahrir Al-Watani Al-Filastini—the Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine. In Arabic, HTF means death; when reversed to FTH it means victory.
Islamic countries teach terrorism and praise terrorists. 
In islamic countries moderate muslims are terrorized.
The Muslim Brotherhood's campaign against the Jews in the 1936-1938 period used not only Nazi tactics, but also significant Nazi fundingFor the muslim who held moderate political views the terror was so far beyond Charles Manson that no one, including ulama and priests, dared to perform the proper burial services. 
Islamic lands celebrate terrorism. Islam is always extremist. 
Some muslims are moderate. 
With Fatah Arafat recruited terrorists and led fedayeen raids into Israeli territory. Among the offshoots of Fatah was the infamous "Black September" that murdered the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
The bodies of the five Palestinian attackers—Afif, Nazzal, Chic Thaa, Hamid and Jamal—killed during the Fürstenfeldbruck gun battle, were delivered to Libya, where they received heroes' funerals and were buried with full military honors.
The Nazi's planted violent fascist seeds in South America and the Middle East. Arab nationalist groups became Fatah, Hamas and the PLO, a large part of the terrorist threat that we face today.
Chavez and Castro
The PLO was founded as an umbrella organization for splinter terrorist groups. "Young Egypt" imitated the Nazi party in their ideology, slogans, and created a safe haven for Nazi war criminals in Egypt. 
Many ask why Muslims hate us. They hate infidels. They have infidelophobia.
Hamas defines itself as the "spearhead and the avant-garde of the struggle against World Zionism."
 Islamic terrorist campaigns were directed against Jews, 
not against Western colonialism.
Trump is an elitist, not the outsider Conway promised us. 
Trump is the establishment. 
Khrushchev reveals that Castro urged the Soviets
to launch a nuclear strike against the Americans.
Castro the Villian of JFK's Cuba Missile Crisis October 1962
And Trump is alt-KKK, alt-Obama's Democrat Party, alt-marxist, and alt-nazi. Certainly Trump is not a truth-teller and not a Presbyterian. Trump's the charity partner of pedofile Michael Jackson, who was wearing the crossed swords of Islam on his jacket pocket. And Trump is not putting America first. Trump is base and Trump's hallmark is dishonesty.
Father of Donald Trump, Fred Trump, arrested in the 1927 New York KKK Rioting.
I don't view it as mere coincidence that Fred Trump, Donald's father, was one of seven arrested at a KKK rally when more than one thousand were in attendance, nor do I believe people go to KKK parades as innocent spectators.
Arafat-Husseini demonstrates the darkness that is Islam, his family are a family of war criminals and the bosom buddies of Hitler.
Mark of the Beast is on their Foreheads, green bands are stamped with the mark.
"It was supposed to be socialism, but it really was fascism." ~Vernon Gosney, a sadder but wiser utopia-duped Jonestown survivor. Americans must ask themselves why Jonestown was mass murdered. They apparently knew too much: socialism is always fascism. Trump is a socialist.
Up to $65,000 in monthly welfare payments from U.S. government agencies to Jonestown residents were signed over to the Peoples Temple. Jim Warren Jones plotted cyanide deaths years before his Jonestown massacre. 
Jones enjoyed public support and contact with some of the highest level politicians in the United States. Jones met with Vice President Walter Mondale and First Lady Rosalynn Carter several times. Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally, and Assemblyman Willie Brown, among others, attended a large testimonial dinner in honor of Jim Warren Jones in September 1976.
Harvey Milk – a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who was supported by the Temple – wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter defending Jim Warren Jones as,"a man of the highest character." 
Jim Warren Jones told Temple members that "capitalist pigs"  were seeking to damage Rev. Jones' reputation with apparent bold-faced lies, that they wanted to destroy Jonestown and harm its inhabitants.
Temple members were put on lots of drugs, tortured, and "freed from religion." One third of Jim Warren Jones' ~920 victims were children, toddlers to teens. They did NOT commit suicide. 
Jim Warren Jones' body was found with a bullet in his head. Mass media were complicit in this Jonestown slaughter by staunchly insisting to America that the Jonestown slaves of the American Left committed suicide. A vast sum of money permanently disappeared, including the life savings of Temple members. That is socialism for you in a microcosm.
"It was a slave camp run by a madman," said Leslie Wilson, a young mother then only twenty-one.
Americans currently are in the same mass manipulation process used on Jonestown. They USE religion and religious lingo to sway people to HATE religion. A word to the wise, the Leftist socialist puts bullets into the heads of those who are thus sucker punched, not only in the heads of their enemies.
Trump's Favorite Madman
Cabinet appointees made by Trump include those opposed to democracy and representative government. They seek to change the meaning of democracy in unsettling ways—and, maybe, ultimately undermine it. 

Whether one is duped or not, Trump is vocally in favor of restricting freedom of thought and behavior: he's un-American. Remember the patriotic little dancers? Trump cheated them.
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag 
and carrying a cross." ~Sinclair Lewis

Trump is the black darkness we strive against, Islamo-nazi fascism
"wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Shamelessly the elitist Trump claimed to be some 'populist' and that he only became a politician to be selfless and help you.
If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism 
that men have to reject."   ~Ayn Rand
"There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: 
the fashionable non-conformist." ~Ayn Ran

Bullies will always exist somewhere, but 
the White House should not be that somewhere.
Heil "Me" is the real Donald Trump
“Perhaps it is imprudent to nominate a venomous charlatan.”
Most polls and mass media said Trump had no a chance.
Germans thought Hitler had no chance. 

"Make Germany Great Again" ~Adolf Hitler
20-year-old Bibi                                      20-year-old Barack
Obama's Arab Spring
Morsi Was First Muslim Brotherhood Head of State
and Obama's Protege
Young Husseini
Young Arafat Husseini

Father Arafat al-Husseini
Young Barrack Husseini
Treachery as Diplomacy
Baby Barack Husseini
Arafat Husseini
Barack Husseini is Radical Islam
The upper echelons of the Turkish army, envisioned by Ataturk as a counterweight to the forces of radical Islam, were thrown into prison by Erdogan, Obama's best friend.

Trump's showbiz "Make America Great Again" Reset

There are more than 70 lawsuits against Trump outstanding today. Is his election just? NO. Those people in legal conflicts with Trump are doomed. All of Trump's heinously offended victims are also with no recourse, the United States Presidency has become a 'Get out of jail free' card for the biggest organized crime type thugs. Talk about loser. 

This presidential race was Trump's fifth attempt to be President of the United States, beginning with 1987-1888 when he considered a run for president while simultaneously juggling large debts stemming from billion dollar expenditures on his Taj Mahal Casino, advertised as the 8th Wonder of the World. Trump is known for causing bankruptcy by excessive debts.

Notice the crossed swords of islam on the jacket pocket of Islamic pedofile Michael Jackson. Yes, pedofile Michael Jackson was enthusiastically welcomed into Islam.
The Muslim Michael Jackson & Donald Trump at Trump's Taj Mahal Casino opening April 5, 1990
While hemorrhaging multi-millions a month, Trump failed to secure a deal with unions over pensions and healthcare. Of course Trump wants American taxpayers to foot the bill for his employees.
In February 2015, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network settled an investigation of Trump Taj Mahal with the assessment of a $10 million civil fine for "significant and long-standing money laundering violations" which were described as "willful and repeated."
A Peek at the Trump Taj Mahal
Trump personally profited during his tenure in this bankruptcy, partially thanks to a deal that had his flailing casinos buying up Trump Ice bottled water. Trump walked away having pocketed roughly $82 million.
A hundred contractors were never paid, and workers went away unpaid. Sadly you crazy charles-manson Trump groupies will suffer similar fates. As there was no market for an Islamic casino on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, the first one with an in-casino strip club, there was no market for Trump as President. So Trump invented the fiction that he's a devout Christian.

What a slur against Christians. What a loser Trump is. Hitler also claimed he was Christian, one who happened to only respect Islam among religions, and one who happened to claim Mohammad was Allah's messenger (a prophet is the messenger of God).

In 2000 Trump ran as the Reform candidate for President. He's failed a lot, and he is not a hot shot. That 2000 race might explain Trump's insane attack on the highly decorated hero McCain. Trump failed in his 2011 attempt to become U.S. President, announcing officially he would not run for President in May 2011. 

This nutjob has been running for President since 1988. The timing seems transparent: Trump wants to make lots of cash using the Presidency.
It is difficult to grasp why American voters failed to use their power to write-in a candidate name. Both Trump and Hillary were not viable options. Trump is a extreme lawbreaking cad, not capable of preserving and protecting the Constitution about which he knows so little.
Hillary and Trump are close family friends.
The Westworld TV show miraculously demonstrates the mind set of "elite" monarchy. Remember in the old days, the knights wore heavy armor and were not meant to die in wars? They were too valuable for ransom so they'd merely get captured and ransomed, after these 'prisoners' spent as house guests to their 'kind.' 

Inevitably many corrupt among the monarchy crowd confederate with criminals and rule by terror.

The American system has some chinks in our armor for ignoring the advice of those who wrote our Constitution: moral instruction as a people is vital for our system in order to produce moral leaders. We must seek good religion.

This is George Washington's advice: that religion is vital in our governmental system.
A free press is vital to liberty.
Madison and Monroe dramatically explained how we need to fear a national bank more even than a standing army. We are NEVER to organize a federal policing power, other than for piracy and treason. And liberty in our system depends upon fair and honest elections that are free from foreign influence. 
Founders Warned Against The Danger to Liberty of Jesuit Teachers and Assassins
And we also immediately developed a Monroe doctrine to ward off Jesuit assassins from the shores of both North and South America.

We now suffer for not heeding all the above cautions given us from our Founding Fathers. Today we face peril and unrest that comes to a head by Trump's suggestion of appointing a soviet agent for our Secretary of State. It is known that Tillerson favors Arabs over Israel. 

This is NOT what Trump promised, putting it MILDLY. 

Chris MegerianVerified account@ChrisMegerian 

"Breitbart suggests there should be an independent auditor to examine Trump's conflicts of interest: Ivanka?"
 New World Order gave us Decades of Islamic Air Piracy

We MUST require our government to represent US, not Vlad. 
The treason must be blasted to a HALT.

Trump Energy Secretary Dumb Dumb 
Charles Manson-esque Trump followers believe Trump that he  wanted an end to stupid government?!??
Is ABC lying? Our media are now known for their lying. Apparently Trump's continuing to flip off America and build a trilogy of stupid government presidents.  As the adage goes, "When the wicked rule, the people mourn."

It's so vomitous and nasty watching the Swamp that was my nation. "Is Trump Swamp Alligator1's side kick?"  Donkey-tailed and donkey-eared 'Lampwick Perry' gets propelled back in the swamp waddling around expanding his swagger by the large black glasses he now wears and the large size of the bribes he "wins." So much for the figment of your imaginations, Trump voters. 

The draining of the swamp is no where in sight. Many of the new generation have no idea what a moral is, but are bitter zombies who view them as 'evil.' Sad. Trump is not worthy to be at the top of the Republican ticket, the Party of Lincoln. Trump is a fascist into enslaving his "masses." 

Don't kid yourself about trains being on time. That is not the right question. You should wonder where that train is going. Because fascist Hitler was a fascist muslim, also. They hold no respect for the first amendment, or our basic human rights. Gag orders are trump's favorite "deal."

Falwell Jr is a disgrace. When shepherds fail their flocks, Jesus will never. The remedy is faith, hope, and charity. It always was. Naturally, dictators are not a remedy to enslavement and bizarre world. Is your priority the nice train, or where it takes you? Mussolini never be a good plan no matter what time the train gets there. Where are we going?

In summary, Americans did not endorse Trump. Republicans did not endorse Trump. The Castro Brothers endorsed Hillary and Putin endorsed Trump. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Terrorism is all in the family.
Kiss Kiss Ivanka with Chelsea
Hold onto your wallet, because Trump is coming after ALL that you have. The evangelicals who support Trump are DEMOCRATS like Donald Trump himself. 
What we discover NOW about trump's inner circle 
is their contempt for our Constitutional Republic.

Wedding of Carrie Fisher
Good-bye, Sweet Princess
October 21, 1956 - December 27, 2016
Carrie Fisher's Mother, Debbie Reynolds, Died the Day After Carrie Died at Age 84